The Dominican Republic is an increasingly popular tourist destination for its beaches, sun, and mountains. One of the great attractions of Dominican tourism is its gastronomy. The Dominican gastronomy is of indigenous and Spanish descent, with significant African influences. Most of the meals have in common that they use specific ingredients quite often, which make the gastronomy one of the most appreciated in Latin America.

Here are 5 of the most popular dishes of Dominican cuisine as an introduction to the traditional culinary culture of the Dominican Republic, which are highly recommended to try:

1. The Dominican Flag
Includes white rice, stewed beans, green salad, Dominican stewed chicken, beef or pork, and
tostones, a dish that cannot be missing from any national table.

2. Sancocho
The Dominican Sancocho is essentially a broth in which a selection of meats such as chicken and
pork are cooked with vegetables and tubers.

3. Mangú
Mangú is a traditional Dominican dish made with mashed green plantains and is served with
eggs, salami, cheese, and red onions cooked in a vinegar sauce.

4. Pasteles en hoja
This is one of the perfect dishes to serve at Christmas. Made with a green plantain or yucca
dough and stuffed with meat and vegetables, wrapped in banana leaf and waxed paper.

5. Mofongo
Mofongo is one of the best dishes in the Dominican Republic and one of the most elaborate and
colorful. It is made from green plantain with a touch of garlic, whether it is chicharron, chicken,
shrimp, or cheese.

At Cap el Limon we’d be happy to have our private chefs prepare your favorite Dominican dishes. Please feel free to reach out now for any questions you might have.


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