Lots of sun, turquoise waters, and beautiful waves. This is the Dominican Republic, a dream destination for surfers. On the north and south coast, its beaches offer a wide variety of waves that attract all types of surfers, from beginners to the most experienced. 

The Dominican Republic has it all. For the surfer community, it is an exciting and adventurous destination. The best thing about Dominican beaches, according to the Dominican Surfing Federation (Fedosurf), is that there are all kinds of them: with right and left wave breaks and waves in both directions; and with different wave bottoms (sandy, reef, stony sandy, rocky and rocky). According to Fedosurf, these conditions satisfy surfers with varying preparation levels: initiated, intermediate, advanced, and professional. 


“All this with a wonderful tropical climate and splendid blue and warm waters, where lovers of surfing and fun will only have to carry their baggies, their boards, and their desire to surf.” 


Here are the top beaches in the Dominican Republic that are worth considering when choosing  where to surf: 

– Puerto Plata 

Its warm waters and wind variations have made it known worldwide as one of the best destinations for practicing water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing, being the headquarters of important international competitions. 


– Barahona 

Due to its waves and climatic conditions, the recommended beaches are Barranca, Bahoruco,  Ciénaga, San Rafael, and Paraíso. The varied landscapes of mountains and sea have hosted international sports championships. 


– Punta Cana 

You can surf on the destination’s picturesque beaches, being Macao beach one of the most outstanding, located just 30 minutes in the north of Punta Cana, an experience accessible to any public. The tremendous and fine white sands highlight the sea waves, which mix turquoise and greenish tones, making the surfing experience fascinating. 


– Samaná 

Among the many beaches that the Samaná peninsula presents for surfing, Playa Cosón stands out, a still virgin beach located 10 minutes from the picturesque fishing village of Las Terrenas. With waves with left and right breakers, it is a perfect beach for intermediate level surfers who enjoy soft waves in an environment of great tranquility and without crowds. El Valle Beach, located between two mountains, and Playa Bonita, in Las Terrenas, are also recommended,  especially for beginner and intermediate surfers. 


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