Your Home
a Great Investment

Buy your perfect home or a second home for your family, enjoy tax breaks on your investment, and earn an additional income by renting it out. Our full on-site staff maintains your property in mint condition, while our rental offices ensure you’re earning while away.


This sustainable, Eco-friendly gated community is located in a country with a stable political climate, with investment-friendly policies, and only a short flight away from the United States.

“the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen”

Stated by great explorers when they first stepped foot on the island of Hispaniola, on their journey to discovering the New World.

Five centuries later, it is your turn to discover this stunning island.


A home at CAP EL LIMON is a sound investment — both financially and in terms of quality of living — the truly unique location and lush nature that come with it are just an added perk.

Private, Safe, Accessible

CAP EL LIMON is located on the Samaná peninsula, famous for its palm-laced landscapes, pristine nature, and whale-mating dances. The nearby El Catey International Airport, the new Boulevard Turistico del Atlántico highway, heliports on-site, and a private bay, make it accessible by land, air, and sea.


Phase 2

With the infrastructure and services in place, we’re constructing additional 36 high-end villas. This is where you come in — now it’s time to get in touch and leave a personal mark on your new home.


Featuring some of the most distinctive luxury properties on the Samana peninsula, Immomexx is famous for diligence, discretion, and keen ability to navigate intricate local markets. With unparalleled market and neighborhood insights, connections to the top craftsmen, local owners, and the community, Immomexx has earned the reputation as one of the most reliable real estate agents in Samana.


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