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Located on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic, Samaná is a province, a peninsula, and a world all by itself.

Samaná is famous for mesmerizing views, thousands upon thousands of palms, the whales, its vibrant culture, cuisine — but above all, for the opportunity to totally immerse oneself in nature.

Samaná Local Flavor

A vast selection of locally grown and freshly picked fruits and vegetables, artisan pastries and breads, Creole coconut flavored seafood dishes, are just a few things you can find on your dining table.

The vibrant arts and crafts scene, handmade natural health and beauty products, such as coconut and cocoa products, sweets, tobacco, rum… the local “secret sauce” that can’t be found anywhere else.

Samaná Local Attractions

Besides “standard entertainment,” such as beach and mini-island hopping, white water rafting on Yaque del Norte River, horseback riding through dense tropical forests, zip-lining over fantastic landscapes, Samaná also offers some unique options.

Enjoy a boat tour of Los Haitises National Park, the largest mangrove forest in the Caribbean, home to hundreds of bird species, with spectacular limestone caverns and hidden cays.

Delight in a deep jungle expedition to the stunning El Limón Waterfall or a whale-watching tour and a swim with the whales every January through March.


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