Pure Nature and Comfort

A sanctuary for those seeking peace of mind and privacy in the midst of nature, without sacrificing amenities and convenience.

An incredible secluded location with fully serviced luxury homes on more than 500 acres of private land, including a picturesque beach with a restaurant embedded into lush, breathtaking nature.

GÜnter Kerbler: The Visionary

Günter Kerbler, the mastermind behind CAP EL LIMON, is one of the most well-known developers across all of Austria and Europe. He founded CONWERT IMMOBILIEN INVEST S.E, one of the largest Real Estate companies in Austria with over one billion U.S. Dollars in assets.

In 2019 he completed the tallest wooden skyscraper in the world, standing 85 meters tall.

Founder of CONWERT IMMOBILIEN INVEST S.E., Günter Kerbler is also an investor in tourism, gastronomy, nutrition, media, banking, construction, and furniture industries.

Luxury & nature in harmony

Over two decades ago, Mr. Kerbler fell in love with the beautiful Dominican peninsula, Samaná. He designed and built the first few high-end luxury villas with top designers and architects.

CAP EL LIMON gently integrates into the surrounding nature with extreme attention paid to the ecological impact on this beautiful land.

Designed to Perfection

The first two villas at CAP EL LIMON are designed by a Swiss architect — Leo Walser — whose designs look more like sculptures than buildings, exploring the interplay of shapes and shadows.

CAP EL LIMON villas are no different, drawing on his “sculpturesque” style and magnificent shapes that will never leave you tired of looking at them.



From the idea, to planning, to execution, CAP EL LIMON is being executed to the highest standards. The first villa, Noah, was designed and built for Mr. Kerbler himself — a man with high expectations.

Everything at CAP EL LIMON is imagined as a dream-come-true, with you in the main role.


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