Sure, strolling hand-in-hand along the beach is cliché. But there’s an undeniable romance to being by the ocean. It’s in the salty air, the relaxed pace and sunsets—preferably enjoyed while on a boat ride. Beach getaways continue to woo couples.
What is important with romantic getaways is an element of exclusivity. Having space for you and your partner to enjoy fine dining and leisurely activities in peace in the most important thing. How to start? First of all, choose the right place to stay. Cap el Limon sanctuary is the perfect place for those seeking peace of mind and privacy in the midst of nature, without sacrificing amenities and convenience. An incredible secluded location with fully serviced luxury homes on more than 500 acres of private land, including a picturesque beach with a restaurant embedded into lush, breathtaking nature. Here you’ll find the perfect mix between privacy and activities in a luxury romantic setting.
Before heading off, excursions should be planned and pre-booked. There is a lot more activities and day-out opportunities in Dominican Republic than people expect. Purchasing beforehand is a good way to weigh up all the opportunities, and it also means you save time when you get there.

Choose romantic and private activities

For instance, Samana bay has the nearby Cayo Levantado island – also known as Bacardi Island. The island is only 3 square kilometers in size, but it has an incredible beach and small-island feel to it. The sand is pure white and the ocean waters are astoundingly clear. There are both a public beach and a private beach that is just for Bahia Principe guests. Fresh fish and gorgeous seafood can be enjoyed along with some tropical cocktails.
A perfect way to end the romantic holiday in Samana is to visit Santa Barbara which lies in the same city. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can jump in The Lemon Waterfall. Humpback Whales can be discovered on a romantic boat trip, too, and Los Haitises National Park isn’t too far away either which has a couple of endemic species.
La Churcha is a popular attraction, a 19th-century church that was constructed by freed slaves. This is symbolic of Dominican freedom and Santa Barbara has various other sites too! You can also find shopping centers such as La Plazita, which still remains a cozy square and has a wide variety of stores. End your day with a couples massage and a romantic private dinner at the beach. Perhaps this is why The Dominican Republic remains one of the most popular destinations worldwide for honeymoons.
At Cap el Limon we’d be happy to organize your romantic getaway. Please feel free to get in touch so we can tell you more about the options.


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