1. Visit Playa Rincón:

UNESCO has classified playa Rincón as: “one of the 10 most beautiful beaches on the planet”. When you first arrive at this beach and admire such beauty, you immediately understand the adjective. Playa Rincón is simply spectacular.

  1. Enjoy an island paradise: Bacardi Island

Greater known as Cayo Levantado. It is an atoll located in the middle of the ocean formed by beaches of fine white sand, warm and transparent waters, and exuberant coconut trees that are ideal for having a “Coco loco” (popular drink of the Dominican Republic ).

  1. Savor an Añejo Brugal during a dreamy sunset

Traveling to Samaná involves tasting one of the most lavish Dominican luxuries: an extra-old Brugal rum. In Samaná, you can buy it in any small shop at the same price as the locals and taste it while you watch a Caribbean sunset like a movie on the seashore.

  1. Enjoy the closeness and joy of people

The Samanenses are cheerful, simple, open people, and eager to start a conversation with travelers. They laugh, smile, dance a lot, and take it all in stride: They’ll make you feel comfortable right away.

  1. Bathing in the hidden waterfall of Samaná: Lulú Waterfall

It would be best if you traveled to Samaná to visit one of its hidden waterfalls, such as the Lulú Waterfall. This waterfall is full of vegetation that makes up a spectacular landscape. The possibility of taking a great bath alone in the middle of the jungle makes the experience something very authentic.

  1. Enjoy the rich Creole gastronomy

Saman’s gastronomy surprises with its exquisite flavors. You can enjoy various dishes (sweet and savory), such as fish and lobsters, coconut rice, Picapollo, exotic fruits, etc., and surprise you with delicious, fresh, and natural Creole food.

  1. Observe the Rhinoceros Iguanas closely

You can visit the “Iguanario de los Tocones”; this project conserves, protects, and reproduces the Rhinoceros Iguana, an endemic and threatened species, and allows the observation of these prehistoric-looking iguanas.

  1. Taste a delicious “Mamajuana.”

Mamajuana is popularly known as the “viagra” of the Dominican Republic; this delicious liquor is one of the most famous for tourists. It is said that Mamajuana can be used for up to 20 years after preparation and even for a lifetime.

And, of course, you cannot travel to Samaná without visiting Cap el Limón. A sanctuary for those seeking peace of mind and privacy in the midst of nature without sacrificing amenities and convenience.

An incredible secluded location with fully serviced luxury homes on more than 500 acres of private land, including a picturesque beach with a restaurant embedded into lush, breathtaking nature.



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