Playa Morón is located in Limón, Samaná; it is one of the most virgin areas of the Dominican Republic; it is one of the best-kept secrets of this small country. The peninsula, which has around 850 km2, has a great contrast between very green hills and white sands.
It is located in the municipality of Santa Bárbara. In one of the most beautiful areas of Samaná, just about twenty minutes from there is located one of the most beautiful unspoiled paradises of today: a remote, silent beach that is little crowded by tourists.
It is the perfect place to relax. Playa Morón has all the attributes to make this beach a place worth visiting to relax, breathe fresh air, bathe in very clean waters, and see the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen in your life.
One of the most striking things on this beautiful beach is the so-called Morón Canyon from the Napoleonic era of the 17th century, which recalls the presence of the French on the island.
It offers places with the best food services, like fried fish with plantains and salad, or even taste fresh coconuts. Young people climb up to 15 meters to lower them from the area with the most coconut trees per square meter in the world.


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